Guess what Nokia is up to next?

The question everyone is looking an answer to after the acquisition of its smartphone arm by Microsoft.

Yesterday, Nokia teased a mysterious black box with the company’s logo on its Twitter feed. According to this cryptic tweet (below), Sebastian Nystrom, Head of Product Business, Nokia, will answer the question at the Slush 14 conference in Finland today.

Since a brand spanking new smartphone is out of the question, the new product could be anything… Though it seems to be a streaming box or maybe even a tiny PC?

What do you think will be unveiled by Nokia today? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know!


Microsoft releases official “Files” File manager for WP8.1

Microsoft has recently released its Files app; if you’re running Windows Phone 8.1, you can now dig through folders to open and manipulate documents stored anywhere on your device. The interface is in no comparison to the PC experience, but it should be useful for offloading photos to an SD card or deleting videos that are chewing up space. If you’re already running Microsoft’s latest mobile OS, you only have to open the Windows Phone Store and download the file browser.


Here’s the set of features we get in this version 1.0 release:

  • Access files stored on your phone and SD card
  • Browse, search and launch files
  • Easily share one file or multiple files
  • Create folders to organize your files
  • Copy, move, rename and delete files

With Files you can access your phones documents, downloads, music, pictures, pictures and more, it doesn’t matter if it’s on your SD card or on you’re the internal phone storage. It’s basic, but gets the job done.

Now, this much awaited piece of software is only compatible with devices running on the Windows Phone 8.1. So, there aren’t many of you who will be able to run this on your Windows Phone as currently you either have to own one of the four phones running WP8.1 — The Nokia Lumia 630, Lumia 635, Yezz Billy 4.0 and 4.7, or you can register as a Windows phone Developer and get the Developer Preview on your phone.


The 5 Best Ultra-Budget Smartphones for Under ₹ 10,000

On the basis of Operating System (OS), smartphones these days are divided into three types.

iOS is developed by Apple Inc. only for Apple’s devices like the iPhone and the iPad.The iPhone typically starts at ₹37,500 for an 8GB iPhone 5c which does not fit into this budget of ours so don’t expect to see an iPhone in the list below.

Next is the ubiquitous Android which can be seen in pretty much every smartphone in the world. It’s latest version 4.4 is made to run on low-specced phones with just 512MB RAM and a 1 GHz Processor. And since Android is free, there are many budget phones which can be seen running on the Android OS. Android as you may know is developed by Google Inc..

Third, is Windows Phone which is , of course, developed by Microsoft. The latest version in the market is Windows Phone 8.1. Nokia is the only smartphone company in the world who is currently primarily focussed on the WP platform and expect more to come from their stable as Microsoft just bought it out. Currently, there aren’t a lot of Windows Phones out there due to Microsoft’s high OEM charge, as a result of which most of the smartphone companies have shifted base to Google’s free Android.Now, all of this might change in a few months as Microsoft just bought Nokia’s Devices Division but that’s in the future and you need a good smartphone like, NOW!

So, here goes… Continue reading The 5 Best Ultra-Budget Smartphones for Under ₹ 10,000

Apple hires one of Nokia’s lead PureView camera engineer, Ari Partinen

Now that Nokia is out of the smartphone game, many of its key engineers are undoubtedly considering their options. Ari Partinen, a senior camera engineer at Nokia, has confirmed on Twitter that he is leaving Nokia for Apple. The hire was first spotted by Engadget. Apple’s iPhone cameras are regarded as some of the best in the market, but Nokia’s PureView cameras have also been widely praised, which can produce pictures up to 41 megapixels in size.

The significance of the hire is a bit unclear. Partinen’s current title is ‘Lumia Photography Lead’ and has been in that role for roughly a year. His LinkedIn profile says he specialises in image quality and camera module tuning. Partinen is also credited as one of the authors of a paper on PureView’s technology, which captures more megapixels than the target size, in order to improve image quality.

Working in field of mobile imaging. Currently I’m working with image quality characterization and tuning on camera module level. My current position has given me a good understanding of camera component production and quality control on global scale. I have also comprehensive knowledge about Image Quality testing and tuning on ISP level from very successful Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia N8 projects.

Partinen is also credited on this Lumia 1020 document, which details how the PureView technology works in a less-technical fashion. Before his Lumia position, Partinen led camera imaging at Nokia as ‘Senior Design Engineer’ since March 2007. He tweeted that he’ll be “starting a new chapter in Cupertino,” and then confirmed that Tim Cook will become his new boss, this June .

Though Apple’s iPhone 5s camera is already considered good, it could be looking for more, judging by this hire. Partinen says he will start at Apple next month. His new seniority and position at Apple are not yet known, although — given his previous job — it seems likely he will work on future iPhone cameras.

Nokia moves over Microsoft deal, names Rajeev Suri as new CEO

Rajeev Suri will become the new chief executive of Finnish telecommunications gear maker Nokia, the company announced on Tuesday, confirming what analysts had expected. Known to be on the short list of candidates, he’s been with the company for over 20 years and took over as CEO of Nokia Solutions & Networks (aka Nokia Siemens, now renamed just “Networks”) in 2009 — experience that will prove relevant to the first of three focus points for Nokia going forward.

Nokia is forming a whole new executive structure with other executive moves, as interim CEO Risto Siilasmaa goes back to his role as solely Chairman of the Board of Directors and Michael Halbherr takes over as CEO of Here.

In a video address (embedded after the break), Suri says he anticipates that coming changes in tech “will be as profound as the creation of the internet,” and sees opportunities in front of Nokia that are “as great as I have ever seen.”

“Our view is that only one other company has location services that come close to the depth and breadth of those from HERE – and HERE has the advantage of being independent from any operating system or single business model.”

Nokia finalized the 5.4 billion euro ($7.5 billion) sale of its struggling mobile phone business to Microsoft on Friday. 

We’ve seen hints at what else Nokia is capable of in the development and application of its Here mapping technology, which the company says can be found “in four out of five cars in North America and Europe with integrated in-dash navigation.” There’s even time for a shot at Google, as Suri points out that “Our view is that only one other company has location services that come close to the depth and breadth of those from HERE – and HERE has the advantage of being independent from any operating system or single business model.” To develop new tech, it’s seeking out external inventors through the “Invent with Nokia” program, and its Networks business counts 90 of the world’s top 100 phone companies among its customers.

Last year, of the 12.7 billion euro turnover from Nokia’s continuing operations, 11.3 billion came from NSN. Navigation unit HERE accounted for 914 million and its patent unit, dubbed advance technologies, 529 million. Finnish telecommunications equipment maker Nokia will pay stakeholders an extra 0.26 euros ($0.36) per share on top of the annual dividend of 0.11 euros for last year, the company said. The additional payment is due to the 5.4-billion-euro sale of Nokia’s mobile phone unit to Microsoft, which closed on Friday. Nokia also said it planned to give at least 0.11 euros as dividend for 2014 and start a 1.25-billion-euro share repurchase programme.

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