Motorola expects global profits with its 4G smartphone plans for demand-driven India: Rick Osterloh

Motorola Mobility is planning to bring affordable  4G smartphones to India in 2015, one of its priority markets along with Brazil, which according to the world’s third-largest smartphone maker will be critical for its global charge to become market leader.

After being acquired by China’s Lenovo Group Ltd., the US-based smartphone maker aims to lead their global smartphone business while trying to rise to position 3 from position 4 in India due to the strong demand, said Rick Osterloh, president and COO at Motorola Mobility, to the Economic Times in an interview.

“The transition to 4G (in India) will come quickly,” Osterloh said. “Next year, we are going to be very aggressive in the 4G value proposition for end user.”

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Motorola Moto E sales to be resumed by Flipkart as it adds 20,000 phones to stock

Flipkart, the exclusive retailer of Motorola’s  ultra-budget smartphone in India has added 20,000 units to its stock and will resume sale on 23rd May i.e today at 11 AM.

“Motorola’s Moto E smartphone will be back in stock on from 11.00 A.M onwards 23 May 2014,” the e-commerce company said in an emailed statement. 


Moto E, which is exclusively available at Flipkart, sold out on the very first day (within 16 hours) of the release. The phone was made available for purchase at 12:00 AM on 14 May, but within minutes, the site crashed due to overwhelming user traffic. Even though, it recovered after a few hours, Flipkart had to replenish inventory twice on the same day and finally went out-of-stock by late evening the same day.

Senior executives at Motorola Mobility told TOI that the e-retailer had stocked between 80,000 and 1 lakh units. The orders had surpassed their highest expectations and the US-based company was arranging for a “significant” number of devices to be arranged from China soon.

Motorola’s corporate vice president Magnus Ahlqvist during the launch event said that the company was better prepared for Moto E, following stock outage within hours of the launch of its first device, Moto G, in late 2013, but this evidently didn’t prove enough.

Since stock is limited to just 20,000 units we prompt all our interested viewers to buy it at the earliest at 11Am today! The links can be found below:

Flipkart - Moto E (Black)

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 2.36.45 PM

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