Xiaomi to resume sales in India till January 8, 2015

Xiaomi has obtained a partial lift off the injunction banning it from selling all of its smartphones in India, after the Delhi High court decided that its Qualcomm-powered devices should not be affected by the ban.

Justice G.P. Mittal, of the Delhi High Court, had imposed a total ban on imports and sales of Xiaomi devices in India last week, at the request of Swedish telecom giant Ericsson. Ericsson alleged that Xiaomi is refusing to pay licenses for eight of its patents, pertaining to AMR, EDGE, and 3G technologies. Xiaomi was banned from selling any of its own devices until the next hearing in the case, which is scheduled for January 8, 2015.

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Xiaomi giving away free Micro SIM card trays to ‘legit’ Mi3 owners

Xiaomi India (popularly know as Mi India) has posted on their Facebook about a new program for all the owners of their amazing Mi3 device.

Under this program all the owners of the Mi3 who bought the smartphone from Flipkart.com will be provided with a free Micro SIM Card Tray. This will allow owners of the phone to use their relatively more modern microSIM cards in it. The Mi3 came with the relatively bigger “Mini” SIM card tray.

Here’s an image to show th difference between the different SIM card sizes:


Interested users can access the promotion at this link.

After putting in the relevant information such as name, address and Flipkart Order ID, the user is shown a message which tells them that the new tray will be delivered in 14 days (below).

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.54.40 pm