Mac OS X 10.10 purportedly leaked hours before official unveiling

Just like the title says, barely a few hours are left in Apple’s WWDC keynote address and there’s been a leak regarding OS X 10.10 showing blurry images of the same.

OS X 10.10 has been expected to be more “flat” just like its mobile counterpart did last year.

Late yesterday, a thread appeared on the Reddit Mac community claiming to share a set of four blurry photos of OS X 10.10. The images, now deleted, were posted using a burner account-but MacRumors notes that “the evidence [it has] seen privately is enough… to consider it a distinct possibility” that these images are real.

The images are blurry but do show revisions of the Notification Center, the Dock, Spotlight and a new iOS-like Notification Center. The strangest and most hard-to-digest part (for me) seems to be the replacement of the  current “shelf”-like Dock with a translucent strip.

These images have a time stamp of 24th March and that’s a lot of time for things to change but we’ll know for sure in a few hours!

Check out the pictures below:






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