Flipkart introduces the ‘Flipkart Students Club’ with “Exclusive Benefits”

Flipkart has launched a new “Flipkart Students” program under which any college student can enrol for free.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.43.59 PM

The membership will provide college students with additional benefits at the e-retail giant’s site from time to time.

“Students as a category are the most online savvy. (They) represent a growing segment of existing and potential customers. And through this programme we want to connect with them, give them special offers to products and features that will appeal to them, and showcase Flipkart as the go-to destination for all their needs. The campaign will use on-ground and digital platforms to reach out to students,” Vora said.

As a sign-up offer, the company is offering a Rs. 150 discount on purchases above Rs. 750, and a 50% discount to the Flipkart First annual subscription service. Numerous other offers have been detailed, with different validities, and users will be able to access them if they login with the email ID registered with the Flipkart Student scheme.

The Flipkart First is service much similar to the Amazon Prime service offered by Amazon in the West.

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The registration process is easy, though time-consuming as each and every ID has to be manually checked and confirmed by Flipkart’s moderators. To register, students will have to send either a picture or scan of their college ID along with a few details such as Phone number, year of graduation, age, etc. via email to Flipkart at students@flipkart.com. Users will receive an email confirming verification along with their offer activation details, then an SMS confirming activation if a phone number has been provided. In the event of rejection, users will be informed via email.

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According to analysts, “Until now, students as a customer category haven’t been tapped in a planned way and potentially offer longer patronage than other shoppers.”

E-commerce firms such as Flipkart and rivals Amazon India and Snapdeal.com are battling with each other to lure new customers and deliver products faster than the other, as these companies try to maintain their flying sales growth. Apart from getting existing customers to spend more, increasing the number of users is essential for these firms to boost market share, especially as some analysts have forecast that new user growth may slow over the next two-three years.

So, if you’re a college-goer and want discounts on online shopping, its free to enrol in this amazing program by Flipkart!  So do it now!

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If you’re a school-goer or a fresher who hasn’t yet received his/her ID, there isn’t much that you can do other than wait till you reach college. We have reached Flipkart for a comment on the same and are still awaiting their response. We’ll update with new information as soon as we get some.


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