Apple seeds OS X 10.10 Yosemite Developer Preview 3 with Dark Mode and other interface tweaks

Besides the third beta of iOS 8, Apple also released a new developer preview of OS X Yosemite. The update is available in the Mac App Store and under Software Update.


The upcoming OS is still very much in the beta process, as Apple continues to make interface tweaks and add features.

Dark mode

Most notably, Dark Mode can now be enabled easily in System Preferences. The feature, demoed by Apple at WWDC last month, was previously hidden and required some tinkering with terminal to turn on.


iCloud Preferences icons

iCloud Preferences icons have been tweaked.



New App icons

Apple has given QuickTime and Fontbook’s icons the much awaited flattening treatment to bring it more in alignment with the rest of the OS.

QuickTime's new icon
QuickTime’s new icon



WiFi Hotspot using iPhone

According reports from users, the iPhone hotspot feature is now showing up in the WiFi menulet. As announced at WWDC last month, in Yosemite, you can turn on your iPhone’s cellular hotspot remotely when it’s connected via Bluetooth.

Time Machine UI

The TIme Machine UI has been updated replacing the beloved Outer Space background with a blue one, below.


UI Tweaks

Interface tweaks have been made in

–  Desktop Background System Preferences



– Larger badges on App Icons for Notifications and improved font in Notification Center and in Safari Favorites Bar.


– Redesigned icons in Mail.



Now, in FaceTime, Audio and Video calls are shown separately.




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