Apple releases iOS 8 beta 3 to developers, with Calls over WiFi and a few new tweaks

Three weeks following the release of the last beta, Apple, last night, released iOS 8 beta 3 build number 12A4318c to developers for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The update is available to developers in Software Update using the over-the-air update tool.

According to Apple, the new beta brings various bug fixes and improvements.

Most of iOS 8’s major features were announced at WWDC, but Apple has been slowly and refining the UI of the new OS ahead of its fall release. Many of the major new features don’t make an appearance in today’s update, but Apple has added a number of setting toggles, tiny UI tweaks, new wallpapers, and flipped the switch on iCloud Drive.

Here’s an outline of all the new tweaks and features added to iOS 8 in Beta 3.

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive is finally making its debut appearance on iOS 8 with the Beta 3. A new iCloud Drive icon has been added to the iCloud settings menu (below).

The new feature can be toggled on and off to allow apps to store documents and data in your iCloud. There’s also a new option which allows other people to look you up in apps by your Apple ID email address.



It seems as if Apple wants to get you hooked on to iCloud Drive from the minute you start using an iOS 8 device. A new option in the Setup process lets you upgrade to iCloud Drive, or you can keep using the regular, old iCloud and documents data.


WiFi Calling

Say goodbye to all those monthly minutes plan. iOS 8 introduces Calling-Over-WiFi, and while not every carrier is supporting it out of the gate, T-Mobile beta testers have found the new feature has been activated for them in iOS 8 beta 3.




Health App now accounts M7 data

iOS 8’s Health app depended on third-party sensors to curate data on your health, until iOS 8 beta 3. In beta 3, Apple has added the ability to track your steps and distance using the iPhone’s M7 co-processor. Along with the iPhone’s own on-device calculations, users can manually add data points for every category on Health Data so you can keep track of your Vitamin D, sugars, calories and more.


New Toggles and Settings

Handoff is supposed to make working between Macs and iOS devices way more seamless, but until today there hasn’t actually been an option to turn it on.


In iOS 8 beta 3, users will find the Handoff toggle under Settings >> General >> Enable Handoff.

QuickType, the smart keyboard in iOS 8 can now be turned off in Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> QuickType. You can also choose to just hide the QuickType bar temporarily by swiping down on it, and swiping back up to reveal again.



With the first iOS 8 beta, Apple made it so that you can send audio and video messages to friends in a flash, but you had to save each one manually, until iOS 8 beta 3 .  Beta 3 adds a toggle under Settings >> Messages that gives you the option to automatically keep photos and videos sent/received in Messages.



 Shared Albums

Shared Photo Streams are now called Shared Albums.



New Wallpapers

A new greyish white wallpaper has been added to the iPhone and iPad along with the new water wallpaper introduced at WWDC.



Apple has only released new Still wallpapers yet, perhaps a few Dynamic ones are in the pipeline for the iOS 8 GM.



App Analytics

Continuing to shower the devs with more love, Apple has now added an option to share the App Analytics data from the setup screen. The setting to toggle it off, or select which apps to share data with is nowhere to be seen so, it looks like Apple hasn’t added that quite yet.


UI Tweaks

Apple has made a tiny UI tweak, when you swipe left to close an alert in Notification Center – the word “close” has been removed in favour of a solitary X (below).


Apple ditched Yahoo Weather for the Weather Channel in iOS 8 beta 1, and now it has tweaked the detailed weather information so that the text is center-aligned. To see the detailed info, on Humidity, Wind, Precipitation and other metrics, you have to scroll below the 10-day forecast.


Recently Deleted Photos

iOS 8 lets you recover any photos you may have accidentally deleted by keeping them in a temporary folder. iOS 8 beta 3 also adds a timestamp to each photo letting you know when each photo is set to be removed permanently, with an extra warning at the top of the folder stating how many days, months, or years these photos have before deletion date.



New Apple TV, Find My iPhone and Find My Friends Betas Posted as well!



And that’s all that we know at the moment, though we will update the post as soon as we know anything else!


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