Samsung and its lawyers, Quinn Emanuel, fined $2M for leaking the details of Apple/Nokia patent deal

Samsung, along with its lawyers, will have to part with a little more cash following its loss in its second patent battle with Apple. A court has fined lawyers Quinn Emanuel and Samsung a total sum of $2M for misusing the confidential details of a patent deal struck between Apple and Nokia.

The documents were provided by Apple to Samsung’s lawyers to solely see whether Apple was telling the truth about its patent deals with other companies or not. The documents were marked “for attorney’s eyes only” and were not to be disclosed to any Samsung executives … 

Samsung’s executives later quoted the exact terms of the deal in their own negotiations with Nokia, proving that they had access to the aforementioned documents and that the court order had been breached.

The court found that Quinn Emanuel demonstrated “(1) failure to institute sufficient safeguards for third-party confidential information, and (2) failure to comply with the notice and cooperation requirements set forth in Section 18(a) of the protective order entered in this case.”

With the limited exceptions described above, the court finds that the remaining costs and fees requested by Apple and Nokia are reasonable and shall be awarded. No later than 30 days from this order, Samsung and QE are to pay Nokia a total of $1,145,027.95 and Apple a total of $893,825.77 in fees and costs.

In the original trial, Samsung was found to have infringed on three of the five patents Apple claimed, and awarded damages of almost $120M. Apple was also found to have infringed a few of Samsung’s lesser patents, and was ordered to pay them a measly (comparatively) $158,400.


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