Samsung’s lawyers call Apple a “Jihadist” and the trials “Apple’s Vietnam”, not helping settlement talks

While FOSS Patents’ Florian Mueller might be confident that Apple and Samsung will reach an early settlement on their patent disputes, a court-mandated update on the talks seems to tell a different story, with each side explaining why talks were not going well, reports The Verge.

For Apple, that includes statements made by Samsung’s lead attorney John Quinn, who referred to Apple as a “jihadist” and called the protracted trial “Apple’s Vietnam” in a pair of interviews.

Apple also complained that Samsung appeared to be looking to license Apple’s patents in order to “clone Apple products.”

Samsung, in turn, has accused Apple of using its first and second court wins to dictate, rather than negotiate, settlement terms, and also said that it believes Apple is attempting to “impose an obstacle” to a successful resolution.

Despite settling its patent claims against Google last week, hoping that Apple might do the same with Samsung and move on appears, at this stage, to be a trifle optimistic.


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