Microsoft announces the 12″ Surface Pro 3 to replace your iPad and MacBook

Today during Microsoft’s Surface event in New York City, the company has unveiled its new 12-inch, 4th Generation Intel Core i7 Surface Pro 3 tablet and it spent much of its presentation comparing it to the iPad and MacBook Air. Microsoft is pitching the 9.1mm thick tablet– the thinnest Intel Core product ever made– as the first true replacement for your iPad and laptop combination. Previously, it has been expected that Microsoft would release a smaller Surface device — the publicly named Surface Mini — but those rumours faded away with the passage of time. Satya Nadella kicked off the event by pushing back against Tim Cook’s line about convergence. Nadella said of Microsoft: “We clearly are not interested in building refrigerators or toasters.” The announcement comes following rumors that Apple is at the very least testing similar sized tablets for future iPad models.

According to Microsoft’s Panos Panay, “This is the tablet that can replace your tablet”

We have previously reported that Apple is working on a new split-screen, multitasking feature for iPad similar to what Microsoft offers on the Surface. Microsoft previously focused on attacking iPad in several marketing campaigns by highlighting the iPad’s inability to multitask with two apps side by side, in addition to its lack of Microsoft Office apps, which have since been released for iPad users in the App Store. So what’s Microsoft’s new angle? The company spent most of its presentation today talking about the fact that consumers still have to decide between a laptop and an iPad or buying both:

“96% of you who own an iPad also own a laptop.. Tabets… They’re designed for you to sit back and watch movies, they’re designed to read books, they’re made for browsing the web. Laptops are not designed that way at all. They’re designed to help you get stuff done.”

To that point, Microsoft pushed the message today that Surface Pro 3’s 12-inch screen makes it the perfect tablet to fix the problem mentioned above and make it a true laptop replacement. Microsoft said Surface Pro 3 weighs just 800g and it made that point by comparing it to a 13-inch MacBook Air onstage: studio-session-029 During its comparison, Microsoft said that the Surface Pro 3′s 12-inch display would provide 6 percent more content on-screen than on the MacBook Air’s 13-inch screen. The Surface Pro 3 has a 12-inch 2160-by-1440-pixel display and it moves to a 3:2 aspect ratio instead of 16:9 ratio used by previous Surface devices. Microsoft also has a new dock for the Surface Pro 3 that allows output to a 4K display. Microsoft has changed the kickstand, so that it has a nearly lie-flat mode that will allow for people to near flat. The new angle, 150 degrees, appears designed for pen work (below): studio-session-043 The company also announced new Covers, with 68% larger trackpads having 70% reduced friction, and a new Surface Pen which has a button to instantly open up OneNote. Both can be seen below! studio-session-044   studio-session-051 Rumours of a 12.9-inch display on a new iPad model started to get serious when The Wall Street Journal reported back in July that Apple was indeed testing larger screens for both its iPhones and tablets. The rumours continued with other sources of varying credibility reporting that a 12.9-inch model will arrive sooner rather than later and possibly as early as the first half of this year.


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