Xiaomi blatantly copies the iPad Mini , calls it the “Mi Pad”

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker who has blatantly copied Apple’s marketing approach for long, down to its CEO Lei Jun copying Steve Jobs’ trademark blue jeans and black turtleneck shirt at Apple-like product launches, is doing the same, once again.

The Chinese company which specialises in imitating Apple’s marketing for its Android handsets, has launched its first tablet, reports Reuters – which is an iPad mini clone. The company has even named it the Mi Pad.

Xiaomi started life making low-cost, low-spec Android handsets for the Chinese market, but has gradually upped its game to higher-end phones. Last August, Google’s former VP of Hugo Barra joined the company in August of last year (amidst a certain amount of gossip).

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 11.43.50 PM

The Mi Pad is basically just a colorful plastic version of the iPad mini with Retina display design, and it even has the same display resolution of 2048×1536. The tablet has a 2.2GHz Nvidia K1 processor, 2GB RAM and a choice of 16GB or 64GB storage. It even tries to emulate iOS 7 by using a heavily-forked version of Android.

The $240 Mi Pad will initially be sold only in China, but it’s believed the company plans to expand later into other developing markets, with India, Brazil and Mexico among those suggested. The Mi Pad is said to begin “public testing” in June. No date has yet been given for its public sale.

Meanwhile, you can check out the original iPad Mini at Flipkart or Amazon for just under Rs. 18k.

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 11.42.46 AM Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 11.39.21 AM


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