4.7″ iPhone 6 could land as early as August; 5.5″ version to follow in September

If you’re counting down the seconds until you can get your hands on the iPhone 6, you may have less time to wait than you thought, according to sources within Apple’s supply chain in Taiwan.The newest reports from Taiwanese media indicate that the iPhone 6 could possibly be revealed in August, not September.

According to these rumors, the smaller, 4.7-inch model could be available for purchase the same month, with the larger 5.5-inch version going on sale in September—the month in which most rumors had originally predicted the reveal.

The same Economic Times report states that a whopping 80 million iPhone 6 handsets will be produced in total this year.

As we’ve previously reported, the next iPhone will likely be available in two versions, each with a different size screen larger than the current 4-inch iPhone 5s. Both phones will feature sapphire displays, which Apple recently began manufacturing in China using sapphire crystal processed at its new Mesa, AZ facility.

The new phones are also expected to ship with a new version of Apple’s iOS software, which will be announced at WWDC this June. The new software will feature a brand-new health and fitness-focused application called Healthbook. Other changes include a standalone iTunes Radio app, improved mapping and transit data, new iCloud development tools, tweaks to Notification Center and Messages, and more.

Which iPhone 6 model will you buy — the August 4.7″ or September 5.5″ ? Tell us in the comments section below!

Source: Reuters


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