Samsung tries to get an upper hand in Health sector

In a blatant attempt to steal Apple’s thunder, Samsung has announced a conference to take place on May 28 — promising to kick-start “a new conversation around health,” just days before Apple is set to unveil its next-generation mobile and desktop operating systems at WWDC, including the expected announcement of the company’s Healthbook software.

Because the very next week is Apple’s eagerly-anticipated Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) — where Apple is expected to introduce the first stages of its new health-tracking family of innovations, beginning with the Healthbook feature for iOS 8, and likely to later expand to include the iWatch.

While it is not clear what Samsung plans to unveil as part of its “new conversation,” Engadget (who received the above invite) notes that it came from Samsung’s Semiconductor arm, so could be about forthcoming sensors and components, rather than, for example, Galaxy GearFit 2.0.

We might be taking a shot in the dark here — assuming that Samsung really wants to take credit for kicking off the “health” craze and capture as much attention as possible as the “first” to the game, but will likely end up sorely disappointed when Apple comes along and dominates the news cycle the following week. Once Again.

Apple has shown itself to be increasingly interested in health-tracking. Earlier in 2014, the company published a patent detailing possible future earphones capable of monitoring biometric information, such as body temperature, perspiration rate, and heart rate. Another recent patent related to a smart pedometer, able to be incorporated into a potential wristwatch without losing accuracy.

Apple has also made various hires in the medical biosensor field, such as bringing aboard Marcelo Malini Lamego, the former CTO of Cercacor — a Californian medical device company involved with the development of non-invasive patient monitoring technologies, including sensors.

While success in the fitness wearables sector is by no means guaranteed (as Nike’s recent abandonment of its FuelBand product line shows), Samsung’s attempts to snatch press away from WWDC demonstrates again just how keen the South Korean company is to beat Apple to come out as first.

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