Google is sending ‘mystery gifts’ to everyone who found all 151 Pokémon in Google Maps

Google opened up the Google Maps Pokémon Challenge on March 31st, giving everyone the opportunity to collect 150 Pokémon scattered all over Google Maps. As soon as I got to know of it I opened the app on my phone started hunting for Pokémon. But like many, I gave up after about collecting about 20.

But I’m pretty sure I would have stuck at it and found all 151 if I’d have known a surprise gift from Google was the reward.

For those who weren’t following the Pokémon Challenge, here’s how it worked: Users simply had to load up Google Maps on an Android or iOS device and tap a button to take part, then spend some time browsing maps to find hidden Pokémon. They were in random places all over the world, and it probably would have taken a good while to find them all. (The reason I gave up.)

It’s unclear how many people actually completed the challenge, but clearly some did. Google is currently contacting them via Google+ and providing them with a link to a Google Drive document where they can submit their address and other information for a free gift.


They’ll need to verify they completed the challenge by providing a location for Mew, the 151st Pokémon, which appeared on the map only after the other 150 had been found.

Once Google has your details, you’ll receive a surprise gift free of charge within 4-6 weeks. No one has any idea what that gift will be yet — that’s the whole idea of a surprise — but knowing Google, it’ll be something awesome.

Did you find all 151 Pokémon, and if so, have you received a message from Google about receiving a free gift?


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