Alleged iPhone 6 dummy moulds surface online, indicating previously seen thin design

New images from show a “physical model” of the alleged ‘iPhone 6′ design we have seen from many sources in the past few days.

The purpose of this mockup model is not clear. At first glance, it seems like some sort of dummy model, that could be used by case manufacturers to validate and refine case designs. This is what the site has to say on the matter, via Google Translate:

Published by a member of a well-known Chinese forum indiscretions cabbage lovers, the three photos that I propose to examine in this article are meant to introduce the physical model of one of the two future iPhone rumored ad with a lot of leaks for several months already.Prototype for reference molding to prop in mobile telephony.


As you can tell, the dummy mold is very crude and basic, the validity of these models is very sketchy. It is unclear whether this mockup was made because of the other leaks, or the other leaks were inspired by this dummy unit.

The images clearly show the curved edges and ultra-thin profile of this supposed iPhone 6 casing. Unfortunately, the person responsible for these images did not report measurements so exact details on thinness and size are not known. The previous renders suggested the upcoming device will be just 6mm in thickness.


The 4.7-inch iPhone is widely expected to share the rounder exterior of the iPod touch, including tweaked volume buttons and a relocated mute switch. There’s some uncertainty about the exact dimensions, but the general consensus seems to be that the width will be around 6mm.


An analyst has previously speculated that Apple would favour device’s slimness over improvements to image stabilization. In these molds, a hole for the camera is filled with a protruding piece. However, it is unclear whether this is done purposefully, to indicated that the final device will have an exposed camera component. The mystery of the absence of the dual-flash reappears here, too.

If Apple does decide to go with a look like this for the next iPhone, it will be the first radical design departure since the iPhone 4 in 2010.

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