Take a rare peek inside Apple’s North Carolina data center

Apple gave NBC’s Today a rare look inside its Maiden, NC data center during a segment on the company’s efforts to use more green energy (via AppleInsider). Apple’s NC data center is powered entirely by reusable energy, including a massive solar farm and on-site biogas cells.

In a recent report on renewable energy used by major Internet companies, Apple scored a 100% thanks to the wind farms and solar arrays that mean its data centers run on 100% renewable energy.

To celebrate, Apple’s vice president of Environmental Initiatives Lisa Jackson gave NBC chief environmental correspondent Anne Thompson a brief tour of the data center.

“We think this is an opportunity for us and for our sector to leave it better than we find it, to actually help people convert to cleaner energy without even knowing they’re doing it,” Jackson says.


Apple recently expressed similar sentiments in its “Better” ad to celebrate Earth Day.Tim Cook has been the driving force behind Apple’s focus on sustainability — having been outspoken about his desire for Apple to be a “force for good” in the world.

The segment also includes a look at the inner workings of the data center, which serves as the center of Apple’s iCloud and other online operations. You can see the entire clip below.


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