Leaked Trademark filings reveal possible names for future OS X releases: Yosemite, Redwood, Big Sur, Mammoth, California, Pacific

Will OS X 10.10 be named Yosemite or is it Redwood? Apple’s recent trademark filings reveal a list of possible names for the next version of OS X. At the announcement of Apple’s last OS X release 10.9, named Mavericks after a surfing spot in California, Apple revealed that all future OS X releases will be named after renowned places in the state of California, USA. French blog Consomac has discovered trademark filings for other California locations that appear to be linked to Apple.


The site found trademarks for Yosemite, Redwood, Mammoth, California, Big Sur, and Pacific, all of which are registered by one of two shell companies, Yosemite Research LLC and Coast Research LLC. While that wouldn’t normally be enough evidence to assume Apple is behind the filings, the site also found the trademarks include protection for operating systems and connections to Apple through the lawyers that filed the application. From the translated report:

Other names have also caught our attention, and we found three trademark filings made by the Company Coast Research LLC, also domiciled in “1209 Orange Street Wilmington” and managed by the Corporation Trust Company.The three deposits Coast Research LLC were made exactly the same day as Yosemite Research LLC, and there are also places on California and Class 9 of the Nice Classification. We already know all the names of California and Pacific, and Big Sur means a large part of the California coast. We also discovered that Stephen Brown, a lawyer who has filed the brand is none other than the lawyer who had filed in 2009 for Apple iGuide the brand.Interesting coincidence!

The filings also included other lawyers that Apple has used in recent years to file for trademarks for upcoming products under shell companies. It’s not really enough evidence to know for sure if Apple is behind the filings, but it’s clear someone setup these shell companies— which were just registered as businesses last year— to get control of these names for future software/operating systems. Apple goes through this process with every new product it releases and, with so many connections to Apple from the lawyers involved and the shell companies, there’s a good chance Apple is behind the filings.


Most of the trademarks apart from California have been registered in as many as 30 countries around the world.

Macrumors notes a few more admittedly less likely naming options have emerged:

– DiabloMiramarRincon, and El Cap (Landmark Associates LLC) 
– RedtailCondor, and Grizzly (Cassowary Devices LLC) 
– FarallonTiburon, and Monterey (Asilomar Enterprises LLC) 
– SkylineShasta, and Sierra (Antalos Apps LLC)

Of course, it is always possible that this is a huge coincidence, or an opportunistic company trying to protect names may one day be used by Apple. But it is still more likely that Apple has quietly set aside a small list of names for its future operating systems. Apple is set to release its latest OS X version in the Opening Keynote of WWDC 2014 on June 2nd. Till then, Keep guessing and check out the Trademark filings for other possible future OS X names after the break.






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