Google offered to defend Samsung, pay for part of expense in patent infringement case against Apple

While testifying in the Samsung vs Apple case on Tuesday, it was revealed that Google has agreed to help Samsung defend itself against Apple in its current patent-infringement case. According to a report from Re/Code, citing deposition testimony from Google lawyer James Maccoun, Google has also agreed to partially or fully compensate Samsung for any loses it may suffer on its claims.

According to Maccoun’s taped deposition: “As I read it, Google’s essentially offering to defend Samsung to the MADA and does offer to defend some [patent] claims.”

Most of the patents Apple is suing over do relate to software features initially created by Google, which is the reasoning behind Google’s agreement to defend Samsung and compensate it for any damages. Patent law allows lawsuits to be filed over the end products that contain infringing code. Samsung also presents a larger target for Apple in terms of damages as it profits off of products infringing on patents, whereas Google simply gives Android away to free.

Google is also obligated to defend Samsung as part of the “Mobile Application Distribution Agreement” that Samsung signed, agreeing to distribute various Google services on its devices, some of which Apple claims infringe on its patents.

Apple is looking to claim $2.2 billion from Samsung over five patents, while in return (you know how these things go), the Korean company is claiming a smaller $7 million for infringing two of its patents. Samsung had already stated that four of Apple’s patents are covered by Google’s Android OS, and has called in engineers to testify to that effect. The details of exactly how much cash Google will be willing to offer up haven’t been disclosed, although it’s likely hoping it won’t have to pay a thing.

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