Hitman GO released for iOS; Android version coming soon

When you think of Hitman, your immediate image is probably of a cold, besuited and inhumane character whose job it is to get rid of people for cold cash. That is, after all, the role of a hitman, and when you think back to previous Hitman titles, it’s no wonder you have such a gruesome recollection. But with Hitman GO, a new mobile game released today for iOS, developer Square Enix has taken a decidedly alternative approach, essentially turning Hitman into a puzzling and intriguing board game.

Turn-based puzzlers have been something of a revelation in mobile space, so it’s not all that surprising that Square Enix has decided to indulge. However, the fact that it has sought to intertwine Hitman into the mix is certainly a surprise, but while this combination of voilence-meets-placid-board-game really ought to have been a tremendous disaster, it actually does work out quite well.



Hitman GO resembles Splinter Cell, a title which even though was termed as roll-playing, but depended upon sneaking through levels.


You are once again donning the suit of Agent 47, but rather than toting your pistol from a third-person perspective as you’ll have become accustomed to in previous Hitman games, you’re instead made to work your way across a board, moving meticulously so as not to rouse the suspicion of the guards. If you are spotted, then you’ve failed the level and must reconvene, sharpening your stealth tactics in order to creep through without being spotted.




Essentially, you still have the sinister overtones that serve as a natural part of playing the Hitman, but there’s a lot less shoot-’em-up in this particular edition. In fact, Hitman GO resembles Splinter Cell, a title which even though is termed as roll-playing, but depends upon sneaking through levels.

The game is available to purchase right now from the App Store for $4.99. It’s compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. An Android edition is also expected to launch in the near future.

Here’s the Download Link at the iTunes Appstore: Hitman GO



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