iOS8 to feature integrated Music Identification, courtesy: Shazam

Bloomberg reports that Apple is working with Shazam on a music fingerprinting/identification feature that’ll be tied into Siri right alongside your appointment reminders and sport score updates. The feature will allow users to find the name and artist of a song that’s playing, likely with the option to download the song from the iTunes Store or create a new iTunes Radio station.


So what’s in it for Shazam? Amongst other things , this presents an opportunity for Shazam to build a semi-permanent revenue stream right into iOS. If Shazam can convince Apple to cough up a few cents every time a user clicks the “buy track” button after Siri IDs a track, that’s easy money.

We’re just about two months away from Apple’s annual WWDC conference, where the company traditionally debuts the latest major release of iOS. Unlike some of Apple’s other music-releated features (such as Podcasts and iTunes U), the system will be integrated into the OS directly rather than require a separate download. Apple will need to work quickly to secure the deal if the feature is to be announced with the next-gen software update.

“Siri, what song is this?”

“It’s _________ by _______. Quite a catchy number.”

“Buy this song for me Siri.”

“I just need you to confirm with your Touch ID (or password)” … “Thank you, your song is now downloading.”

While there’s no shortage of song identification apps on the App Store, iOS is the only operating system amongst the top 3 (the others being Android and Windows Phone) to not have it built right in. Android offers it up right on the homescreen through a voice-search widget, while Windows Phone tucks it right behind the device’s ever present search button.

Apple is currently looking for new ways to improve iTunes Radio, including breaking it out of the Music app and hiring new developers to work on the iTunes backend.

You can download Shazam for iPhone here and for iPad here

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