Buy Moto G and get a chance to win an year of Free Shopping, only at Flipkart!

Have you bought a Motorola Moto G from Flipkart recently? Are you looking to buy one this week? Then, hurry and buy one from Flipkart today and get a chance to win a Rs. 1 lakh Voucher Coupon to use on Flipkart which averages out to provide you almost an year of Free shopping! Also, a 100 lucky participants also stand a chance to get 100% cash back (though in the form of a Flipkart E-Gift Voucher valid upto Apr 30,2015)! Here’s how to enter the competition:

1. Buy the Moto G from Flipkart & get your Order ID.
2. Answer this simple question :
Moto G runs on Android?
Answer Options : a) YES b) NO.
3. SMS your Answer(YES/NO) and your order ID to 09250692506 in the format MOTOG YES/NO Order ID.before 30th April 2014. Example (SMS Format: MOTOG Yes ODxxxxxxxx)


The Offer is only valid till today so hurry and register now! Winners will be announced on 7th May. Winners will be notified via SMS ( and email ) and the full winner list will be published on 7th May on Flipkart’s Facebook page.

If you still haven’t bought the Moto G get it at Flipkart below!

*Hint: It Does!


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