[RUMOUR] New Thinner, Lighter Fanless “Retina” Macbook Air to arrive in September

There’s a rumour around that Apple is about to release a new 12 inch model of its super thin notebook line — the Macbook Air.

Last week, a forum post from a previously accurate source on Weiphone.com claimed that the MacBook Air would be updated soon, with new MacBook Pros to be released in September. Most notably, the report claimed that both will be accompanied by the release of a new slim 12-inch MacBook. This model will feature a Retina Display ( an Ultra-High resolution of 2304 x 1440) and do away with the mechanical trackpad. The notebook will need more battery to handle the increased power consumption due to the  Retina Display and hence will feature a bigger battery space for which will be created by omitting the fan from the notebook’s assembly. Taking out the fan assembly would also make the system silent and help Apple set a new benchmark for thin-ness.Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 11.22.16 PM

While adding a 12-incher may seem superfluous, there’s reason to think that this rumour may have some merit. The current 13-inch MacBook Air is a bit too large for its size because of the relatively large bezels surrounding its display. As already evidenced by the 11-inch MacBook Air, Apple does have room to reduce the overall width of the system without compromising the size of the keyboard. A thin-bezel 12-inch model would be nearly as small as the 11-inch MacBook Air, but still be able to provide a more usable and larger display and trackpad!

The post also remarks on the fact that Apple is launching a larger iPad with a near 12-inch screen, however a report earlier this month claimed that the project has since been put on hold due to development hurdles with the present
 iOS ecosystem.


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